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Melasti,Ogoh Ogoh Before Nyepi

I was taken this picture in Melasti and Ogoh Ogoh carnival before Nyepi. South Lampung Regency which have so many culture and religion and this is Hindu Religion tradition before Nyepi.


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Lets Escape Backpacker Our Nice Place South Lampung Regency

We have so awesome place. Lets keep out as legacy to next generation…Thank You Lord!

Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi6 copy.jpg

Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi7Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi 1Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi2Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi3Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi4Bukit Mega Kuning_Henk Widi5

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