Teluk Nipah Hidden Beach in South Lampung

Lets Escape to new Place backpacker!Henk Widi_Teluk Nipah6 copy

Sometimes we need go to escape! Fresh our mind to new place and went our activity. In my next journey I go to hidden beach in Bulog village near Kalianda South Lampung Regency. Good place to make fresh mind and someone who need anti maenstream tourism destination. This villager call this beach as Teluk Nipah like the place on a gulf with Nipah trees over there so the villager call this place Teluk Nipah.

As a backpacker, new place have good feel for my camera collection because we can saw rubber trees in PTPN VII estate crops. Need syruggle to find good road after trespass in this rubber trees and saw green grass on valley.Henk Widi_Teluk Nipah 1 copy

But bad road will pay with wonderful blue sky and blue sea after come to Teluk Nipah Beach. We must care this place and respect local wisdom without throw rubbish near beach. But we can go to the rock near beach and the fisherman use this rock for fishing but for someone who have rock climbing hobbies could use for rock climbing with safety tool.

IMG_20160828_095527Henk Widi_Teluk Nipah2 copyHenk Widi_Teluk Nipah3 copyIMG_20160828_103048IMG_20160828_201046

Teluk Nipah Beach,have wonderful place to escape, one of so many place in South Lampung Regency. Do you have time go there? Welcome in this place Gate of Sumatera Island.

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4 thoughts on “Teluk Nipah Hidden Beach in South Lampung

  1. masih alami ya pantainya

  2. Keren-keren fotonya..semoga terus terjaga kealamiannya 🙂

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