People in the streets

Making memories


What is street photography? Almost everything! Photographing street scenes, public events and human characters; landmarks and architecture, urban environment, transportation… Plus colors, patterns, shadows… Simply everything.

People walk in the streets, but they also do many other things.  They sell and buy stuff, sometimes quite amazing, like this green cat…


… or this hand-made jewelry. Well, the sellers can be remarkable too.


This young man is not texting. He is reading. Not good for the sales, but good for him. I took this picture because of the color arrangement: red parasol and hoodie –  blond hair and wooden kitchenware.


More amazing stuff, and the artist himself is a character.


Street vendors in NYC are not different from their colleagues in  the rest of the world. It is an old photograph – I wonder if anything has changed.


People also perform in the streets.   I already posted about the street performers in Dublin. This guy was spotted in Belfast.

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