South Lampung Is Gate Of Sumatera Island Have Full Tourism Potential

Government of South Lampung will make the District Kalianda as one of the tourist cities in the area .

Widi-Ruwat Laut 7

Siger Tower from Muara Piluk Bakauheni Village (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

South Lampung Regent , Rycko Menoza SZP in Kalianda always said the District Kalianda is the district capital and has a fairly full tourism potential , both natural attractions of the mountains , marine tourism , and cultural tourism so it is worthy of being the area tourist destination .

Then, go Rycko , Kalianda has also interesting attractions such as hot baths Way Sulfur , which is not shared by other regions .

” This potential deserves attention and our pride to be developed , in addition to attracting tourists also can generate local revenues to improve the welfare of the people , ” he said .


Boom Port in Kalianda (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Rycko said , in order to support the development of tourism , the government is conducting a wide range of development support to beautify City Kalianda .

” Among our hotel development that will mix with shopping centers and other facilities and infrastructure as a means of lodging and entertainment community , ” he said .

Then , the development of culinary Pier Kalianda Bomb , is expected to be a culinary tour , a variegated garden eat seafood and regional specialties .

Krakatau 5

Child Of Krakatoa Mount

In addition , the construction of the Great Mosque of the Dome of the central diamond city will also include shopping facilities and a rest area for the people who stopped at City Kalianda because it is located in Sumatra highway .

Development of green open space areas and city parks for environmental sustainability as well as the breath of the earth and community recreation facilities .

Rycko added Kalianda City as the cleanest city which has been awarded several times Verse of the President . Because it is expected that the award can be maintained , with the support of the community to familiarize maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the city .

Lets come to South Lampung Regency

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