The Day After Tomorrow as Ut Amem Et Foveam

Special day for every child sometimes give them a good memories for future. I hope all i give to my daughter be e best moment for her. I dont know how I can say thank to my Lord in the end of the year. For more eigth year God give me guard for my Little angle. He give me two position as a mother and father but it so amazing I can survive.



Today, one day before my daughter birthday Christeva. I give her name Christeva based on Russian tradition name , mean Christ Beloved, but nomen est omen like my Magister said to me, Father Colvenbagh form Nederland, he always ask me “Widiantoro” Wit= mean tree, and its mean tree which everyone can see on tree. Oh so amesome magister. And i give my daughter name with special meaning.

Henk Widi 20


Sometime God give surprise in this life anda as a humble of God i always be like Mother Mary Mother of Christ: “Magnificat”, My soul doth magnify the Lord : and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. Im only ordinary father and be a mother for my little angle. She always call me “papa” everyday and as long as eight year we always do everything together like traveling to beach, traveling to other place and some interesting place.

Its so true that i keep her like mother of bird. From my Pisces friend who know me give me inspirations. Ut Amem Et Foveam, its special word for my daughter although im not a mother. So that I love and keep warma like a bird hatching an egg. I remember in her life from birthday when we live in East Java. Every time we have happines, sadnes and all complicated feeling till now.

So that I may love and cherish to my daughter, i always pray to Jesus and Mother Mary that keep us as long as eight year. December 13, 2006 she was born in Apel City, Malang East Java. While i have no doubts to God willing to live in all conditions to be survive untul now.

Some people say: You a great papah! and may that word give me a big power to facing my life with my daughter. Im not Eagle with broken wings again and i hope in my daughter Birthday God always keep us in palm of God hand like a bird so that i can say: God thank for everything who give me strength to keep his daughter, Christeva!

Ut Amem Et Foveam!

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