Village, Choice For Weekend


Tanggamus Mountain , Tanggamus Regency Lampung Province Indonesia (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

A village is a clustered human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town, with a population ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand (sometimes tens of thousands). Though often located in rural areas, the term urban village is also applied to certain urban neighbourhoods.

Sometimes going for vacation people will choose a beach or other interesting place. Village is one choice for me to get fresh water, fresh air and meet with villager in their field as a farmer, they welcome to meet me. I can get some experience from this trip: meet with my friend and time to know other place. So its my choice for weekend, go to village. And please excuse grammatical errors on my post, I hope my pictures speak more than my writing.

Simpang Kanan, in Gisting is a village in higlander at Tanggamus Mount Tanggamus Regency. Gisting is one place which have special memories for me when i live in Noviciate and its my past time. I go here to meet my friend and his family and he is my best friend in High Senior School. For me it is interesting place and give me more inspirations for my traveling.  Its cold and fresh area to come. So it is my picture:


Bamboo Tree (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)


Tanggamus Mountain (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

There so many green colour from farmer field: vegetable, flower , rice plant and other wonderful scenery from Tanggamus Mountain. Cold, and make me feel in Bogor or Summit of Lampung.


In field (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)


Before Harvest (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Desa 2

Bamboo Tree (Images: Hendicus Widiantoro)

Desa 3

A farmer (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Desa 4

Washing (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Desa 5

A Villager (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Desa 6

Tanggamus Mountain (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Desa 7

Flower (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)


Me In Gisting (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Desa 8

Flowers (Images: Hendricus Widiantoro)

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7 thoughts on “Village, Choice For Weekend

  1. hawa pedesaaan yang indah

  2. Ririn Setia

    keren banget nih pemandangan alam nya, cocok buat wisata alam disana ya mas 😉

    • Hawanya sejuk, nyaman, dan pastinya aroma bunga kopi di saat yg tepat..air yg segar, udara yg masih fresh…Gisting ga salah klo di sebut Bogornya Lampung selain di Liwa..

  3. Wooow.. sometimes we need differently. Sejenak keluar dari rutinitas dan keseharian yang membosakan. Weekend yang menyenangkan

  4. Mba Ririn ia bener mba he he seger dan oh ya mb makasih ya aku terbantu sama tutorialnya

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