Are You A Backpacker, Traveler? Welcome To South Lampung Regency

I was born here, Lampung regency. A wonderful place to traveling. Travel is one of the greatest blessings, so here are my most memorabe travel in every place. South Lampung Regency is one of the regency in Lampung.

“What people think about Lampung: Elephant, Dolphin in Kiluan Bay or Tanjung Setia ,other?”

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Menara Siger dari atas KMP Dharma Rucitra I (Foto: Hendricus Widiantoro)

But South Lampung is famous as the gate of Sumatera Island. That is Bakauheni port as a bussy port in South East, crossing which become a transit from Java to Sumatera Island and the contrary. So Bakauheni port is becoming the gate of South part of Sumatera Island. South Lampung Regency haas lots of natural panorama and culture.

For many traveler and Backpacker Child of Krakatoa or Krakatau be a best destination in South lampung regency because this is a ancient legacy. One of the interesting spots and be legend is the Child of Krakatau which is still active. The existence of child of Krakatoa has invited domestic and foreign tourist to come and see closely about the biggest eruption evidence in 1883.

Not only the object of nature, South Lampung Regency also keeps a lot of original culture which preserved in both archeological things culture and dances performed in specificoccasions.

The Child Of Krakatoa Volcano Mountain


Child Of Krakatoa Volcano Mountain (Foto : Hendricus Widiantoro)

Since 1927 or more than 40 years after the Krakatoa Volcano Eruption, built other volcano which konow as the child of Krakatau from ancient Caldera which is active and getting higher time by time.

The speed of height is about 20 inches per month. Every year it become higher about 20 feet and 40 feet wider. Another note states the grow this about 4 cm per year and if it is counted in 25 years later it can reach until 7.500 inches or 500 feet higher from the previous. It is getting higher because of the material which come out from that new volcano Stomach.

Now the high of Child Krakatau reaches about 230 metres on the sea surface level. Whereas the previous Krakatau Volcano reached to 813 metres from the sea surface level. Its explosionand additional volcanic material which attract the tourist to come to the child of Krakatau.

Other Wonderful Spots


Pantai Boom (Foto: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Other interesting spots to visit is Way Belerang (Sulfur) Simpur which located in Babulang Kalianda. Cugung Waterfall in Rajabasa, Way Kalam Waterfall in Penengahan, More wonderful beach in Kalianda- Rajabasa.

Not only natural attractions full of charm, but the beauty of nature and culture tourism, which is still protected and preserved from generation to generation. One is the breeding period. Where the breeding period is caled the special forces from Lampung Radin Inten II hero who used to outsmart the enemy troops during the war of the past. So far breeding period is often used to accompany traditional rites and wedding society South Lampung.

Lampung Province also have Food center. Industrial and craft home. Located in Main of Sub Natar. Centered on Deklarasda among write batik, Traditional clothes Lampung ”Tapis” craft and various the very interesting domestic tourist and foreign. Ready to receive the commercial soft touch. The parties are interested to developed tourism is promising.


Bakauheni Port (Foto; Hendricus Widiantoro)

Rows plantation commodities, Coconut tree with area 34.730 with copra 30.436 tons per year. Palms 7636 tons. Cocoa 6907 tons. Spices. And the vast expanse of rices fields. Irrigation system with technical. In 17 sub South of Lampung Regency. South of Lampung Regency is one of corn production in Lampung Province. The potential land for dry and support for the mind and agroecosystem suport for corn. Potential estated elapsed 60% to 40% empty land. The managers are waiting fretesional. Land and experts to improve results for farming.

Throught the Departement of public works. Are continuing to well on transportation, with development and road sector suport. To make a good result production to distributed to Java island. For the future plan to build Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS).
Mining in South of Lampung Regency have developed and very profitable. Geological formations South of Lampung Regency are much of andesite covers most old andesite. With average productioan 6.413 million tons per year. 618,720 tons zeolite. Processed into stone marble chalk with 1,952,920 tons. Iron and seeds 12.000 tons. Just a small percentage the earth South of Lampung Property.

Land approximately 60% of production which have not been touched hands mining experts in. Alll be ready lay the pieces benefits for investor. Throught the local government and commmunity. Guaranteed to supply and energy from Center Supply Electrical Energy of Government (PLN) power plant and CenterSteam Supplyy Electrical Energy (PLTU) to supply electrical energy covered the Regency.

Through the Departement of Fisheries and maritime Capture. With area long lines and coastal waters marine 180 KM 173,347 hectare. Embracing South of Lampung regency. Generate the the amazing sensation. With capacity seaweed cultivation productions 300.000 tons per year. 51,000 tons Kerapu Fish. Shrimp 18.200 tons and pearl point 5 million per years. Be leading valuabe by high waiting presence of capital and integrated marketing for foreign exchange generate the infinite.

Executed by system integrated transportation in Lampung province. Contributions to the fixed system. The mining results means to trasnport or other goods. South Lampung Regency have One Port for specific goods carry weight name Panjang Port. While to carry passengers avaiable in Bakauheni Port and Radin Intan II Airport. Which have important rule for trasportations. Conecting the Java Island and Sumatera island. Port city. And trade center. The busy signify. South of Lampung Regency. Very Life. Ready to pick dream of the investor.

At Local government a very supportive and make it easier through investment agency licensing and integrated service. Government of South Lampung regency. Invite investors to invest in the Regency whicyh call as “The gates of Sumatera” Regency. Government will facililitate your licensing process with the quick and easy. Enable the creation of the situation and providing facilities and infrastructure supporting business investor.



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2 thoughts on “Are You A Backpacker, Traveler? Welcome To South Lampung Regency

  1. Wah… Sama dong, aku jg kelahiran lampung, tp aku ga kenal lampung, krn numpang lahir doang di lampung, trus umur 4 thn dah pindah. Beruntung bs mampir kesini, jd bs tau lampung xixixi.. Slalam kenal pak bro.. Makasih udh mampir dan follow blog aku hehe…

    • Sama sama mba bro,,ya aku juga kan lahir dan besar di sini dan aku sayang Lampung meski semua keluarga dari Yogyakarta..but any way semuanya Indonesia yang harus disyukuri karena kita tinggal di Indonesia mba..ia aku sempatkan mampir di Blog mba buat belajar dan dapat inspirasi ,,,makasih juga sudah berkenan mampir di sini dan tak lupa Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha mba..

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