May You Be The Best Papah! Thank You Le Fetit Angeli

Good Morning Worl! Good Morning Mama Daughter. Love for life and everything! Thank to Jesus Christ  and for everything to facing my life. First time a kiss from my daughter in mya special day, thank you my le fetit Angeli who make me a cup of milk this morning.

I recently had a birthday. As I’ve gotten older, birthdays have become for me a time of intense self-reflection: where am I in my life, where do I want to be, what could I improve? They don;t depress me, like they do so many others, but they do make me think.


Happy Birth  Day (Foto: Hendricus Widiantoro)

Thank you for give me Birthday Card from deep down of your heart today:

“Proficiat Widi HBD may God bless you and always happy forever” (Mother )

“Happy Birthday to u mas Widi semoga menjadi the Great Papah for your daughter sehat selalu dan sukses selalu”

Henk Widi, Happy Birthday from ** team!

Dear Henk Widi,

We at Eur ** are very happy to wish you the Happiest Birthday!

As you make all your birthday wishes, Eur *** team wishes that they all come true!

May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shinning dreams.

And of course we are always here to help you fulfill your dreams and aspirations at Eur *** — please be sure that we are here if you need us!

Best wishes from

Eu ** Team

and thank you for first time call me my beloved jeyek.

images (25)


For the last few weeks, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing – re-thinking my goals, my choices, and my habits to see what simply isn’t helping to solve the things in my life that I’m not quite happy about. And, at the same time, the things I am – this  isn’t about self-flagellation, but about an honest inventory of strengths and shortcomings, so that the one can be applied to the other.

Time most go everyday in my life . Today  32 x 365 days everything changed..a question: A year older, and wiser? I write everything in my life as a legacy to my daughter and everyone who know me. Thank to you give me love during 32 x 365 days. I dont know how and why i cry today. Everything changed in my life and i know God have more planing in my life and its good for me.

I’m a October baby, so it’s almost like I because have #October Wish.

Althoughmy life can be challenging, I really believe the universe is looking after me. I don’t know what form this higher power takes, but I do believe I’m being cared for and that hard times are an opportunity to learn valuable lessons — about the world, about myself, my past time, my family, my daughter and about other people.

images (24)


The last year was a real mixed-bag for me. There were times when I thought I had found the rhythm, only to realize that the beat had changed again. There were times when I felt like I couldn’t keep up and other times when I was going too fast… and it was challenging. But every day is a new day. I do my best, I look to the universe for guidance and I never let myself become jaded or pessimistic.

I believe in being true to myself in the moment, even if it’s not the best moment, and trusting the universe is guiding me in the right direction is key to my happiness, now and always and at every age.

More place and more hope in my life is a awesome experience as a Great Gift from my God.

Thank you Jesus Christ, Father, Mother, my Family : thank you le fetit angeli!


Karikatur ku (Den Mas Kukuh)

Kiriman karikatur dari seniorku di Rumah Sakit Budi Rahayu Blitar pada hari ulang tahunku..

Doodle Google hari ini:


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