My Lovely Place: South Of Lampung Regency


Banding Beach Rajabasa South lampung Regency

Here I a m…Because I have hook , then I hook my time with it. If
I have a plow, so I’ll friable alll my field with it, because
life is a struggle to changes better.

With a mission realization South Lampung regency economycal
based on prosperity. A regency who have million wonderful place,
South Lampung Regency beautifuly begins here.



Traditional dancer

South of Lampung Regency is one of the regency in Lampung
province. The Capital South of Lampung regency is located in
Kalianda city. Have a broad area 6649.29 KM2. Directly adjacent
with java Island. East of Lampung Regency.

Bandar Lampung.
Pesawaran Regency. And as a buffer of Capital of Lampung
Province, “Sang Bumi Rua Jurai” earth. The very profitable
strategic investation for investor. Have enough potential for
developed prospective.

The mission South of Lampung regency is develop infrastructure
area. Infrastructure to support the development of high scale,
economy, social services and improvre welfare through economic
for populist. Improving the quality of education, health, social
welfare. Developing a civilized society, morality and improving
the conservation of natural resources, environment and
sustainable. Uphold the rule of a law. For creating a commmunity
of democratic. Realized that government clean. Oriented on
Partnership and good management.

The South of Lampung Regency hold by much of beutiful Island.
Including the triangle Island. Sebuku Island. Sebesi Island,
Krakatoa Island and the Child of Krakatoa. The very popular
abroad around the world. Which broke out in 1883. Eruption of
the most hard during this civilization. Nature reserve is one
of the advantages wonderful and very fantastic conservation.
Among beach. Waterfall. Water heat and sulfur water. Traditional
cultural heritage of Lampung. South Lampung Regency based on
multy tourism destination.


                                                                         Child of Krakatoa Volcano Mountain

Lampung Province also have Food center. Industrial and craft
home. Located in Main of Sub Natar. Centered on Deklarasda among
write batik, Traditional clothes Lampung ”Tapis” craft and
various the very interesting domestic tourist and foreign. Ready
to receive the commercial soft touch. The parties are interested
to developed tourism is promising.

Rows plantation commodities, Coconut tree with area 34.730 with
copra 30.436 tons per year. Palms 7636 tons. Cocoa 6907 tons.
Spices. And the vast expanse of rices fields. Irrigation system
with technical. In 17 sub South of Lampung Regency. South of
Lampung Regency is one of corn production in Lampung Province.
The potential land for dry and support for the mind and
agroecosystem suport for corn. Potential estated elapsed 60% to
40% empty land. The managers are waiting fretesional. Land and
experts to improve results for farming.

Throught the Departement of public works. Are continuing to
well on transportation, with development and road sector suport.
To make a good result production to distributed to Java island.
For the future plan to build Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS).

timthumb (3)

                                                                   Cugung Waterfall

Mining in South of Lampung Regency have developed and very
profitable. Geological formations South of Lampung Regency are
much of andesite covers most old andesite. With average
productioan 6.413 million tons per year. 618,720 tons zeolite.
Processed into stone marble chalk with 1,952,920 tons. Iron and
seeds 12.000 tons. Just a small percentage the earth South of
Lampung Property.

Land approximately 60% of production which have not been
touched hands mining experts in. Alll be ready lay the pieces
benefits for investor. Throught the local government and
commmunity. Guaranteed to supply and energy from Center Supply
Electrical Energy of Government (PLN) power plant and
CenterSteam Supplyy Electrical Energy (PLTU) to supply
electrical energy covered the Regency.

Through the Departement of Fisheries and maritime Capture. With
area long lines and coastal waters marine 180 KM 173,347
hectare. Embracing South of Lampung regency. Generate the the
amazing sensation. With capacity seaweed cultivation
productions 300.000 tons per year. 51,000 tons Kerapu Fish.
Shrimp 18.200 tons and pearl point 5 million per years. Be
leading valuabe by high waiting presence of capital and
integrated marketing for foreign exchange generate the

Blog 3

Bakauheni Seaport

Executed by system integrated transportation in Lampung
province. Contributions to the fixed system. The mining results
means to trasnport or other goods. South Lampung Regency have
One Port for specific goods carry weight name Panjang Port.
While to carry passengers avaiable in Bakauheni Port and Radin
Intan II Airport. Which have important rule for trasportations.
Conecting the Java Island and Sumatera island. Port city. And
trade center. The busy signify. South of Lampung Regency. Very
Life. Ready to pick dream of the investor.

At Local government a very supportive and make it easier through
investment agency licensing and integrated service. Government
of South Lampung regency. Invite investors to invest in the
Regency whicyh call as “The gates of Sumatera” Regency.
Government will facililitate your licensing process with the
quick and easy. Enable the creation of the situation and
providing facilities and infrastructure supporting business

Note: Kalau ada English nya kurang afdol mohon dibenerin ya he

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