The One That I Want Will Be


Hendricus Widiantoro

Katanya Kepadaku he he, Your Write so hard, so serious,,please write so simply ajah…

 weh weh gmana toh…
Thanks Ya DARK ANGEL,,ha ahhhhha..
And boy, have you moved on? Pretty cool. I mean, I’m happy for it.
You deserve someone better, of course.
So this is me still fighting with my own feeling. Can’t actually see you cause you are away, no text, no greet, nooo thing! and read your tweets and status on Facebook is the worst feeling ever!
Sometimes, Social Media is killin’ me.
We used to use social media months ago. But now even if we meet on Timeline, you just like a stranger for me. *sigh*
I don’t know whether it’s just me or you feel the same way too. It’s hard, dear. When I should forget things we used to have.
I wake up in the morning and I remember you. Then I grab my phone. Sending you a good morning text. And you, from thousand miles away there will reply it directly. I’m gonna smile as I reading it. Yea, smile at my screen phone like a fool. You make my day.
I mention your name every time. I hope you’ll gonna be alright without me around you. I ask to God to protect you from everything. Wish He bless you in every step you take.
When you and I get home in the evening, I’m gonna tell you what I’m doing today.
When I’m going to bed, I’m gonna whining at you to be accompanied. And you, with a fatherly care, will hug me tightly with those sweet good night texts. Isn’t that romantic, my dear?
I don’t know what the meaning of love is. What I know for sure is, when I wake up in the morning I’m thinking nothing but you!
I always wonder why those texts mean the most to me and didn’t work out with anyone else.
I know I’ll miss you but we’ll meet again someday.
Gonna meet you to make sure that wonderland is really exist.

But overall, I hope you find someone better now.


Mawar kaki Tanggamus (Foto: Hendricus Widiantoro)

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